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Civic Sermons“Civic Sermons: Ideas for a Different Civic Culture” 

“All politics is local” is a well-worn aphorism that provides the reason why the words of Gerald Britt are significant. In this collection of “Civic Sermons,” Britt dives deep into the waters of local politics. As he explores the issues and decisions that affect the local community, you will discover that he also uncovers the moral truths that guide us toward making the right decisions. As you read about young men dying too early on our city streets, or community leaders striving to find better solutions for housing, or the damming truth about payday lending, it will be obvious how these very local events provide insight into our culture as a whole. “Civic Sermons” provides the knowledge and understanding of one who has been on the front lines and understands the issues, both political and personal. This collection of sermons will not only give new understanding, but they will also motivate you to become a part of the solution. Rev. Gerald Britt has served as pastor of New Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church for 22 years. He currently serves as the VP of Public Policy & Community Program Development for City Square (formerly called Central Dallas Ministries). Rev. Britt writes a monthly column for the Dallas Morning News, and contributes to his blog.

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