Join Us at CitySquare’s Urban Engagement Book Club

soda politicssoda politicsOn the third Thursday of each month, at CitySquare’s  Opportunity Center (1610 S. Malcolm X Blvd), our External Affairs Department sponsors the Urban Engagement Book Club. A noon time affair that includes lunch and conversation around a book of interest to primarily progressive individuals and supporters of CitySquare.

Randy Mayeux, gives an interesting and entertaining synopsis of selected books, complete with handouts of selected passages (which means it doesn’t matter whether you’ve read the book!) followed by a community conversation led by experts in the areas we discuss in the book.

Topics include, public policy, justice, the economy, history and culture.

This coming Thursday, July 21, (12 -1:15 pm) soda politicssoda politicswe will be discussing the book ‘Soda Politics’ by Marion Nestle, which looks at the politics related to the peculiar place of soft drinks in the politics of America, including the controversial attempt by New York City former Mayor Michael Bllto reduce the size of soft drinks sold in some fast food restaurants.

The video below is an interview with the author of the book.

I invite you all to be a part of this highly informative and interesting event and become informed about the policies that impact the lives of people we care about!